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This is a new version of The Jigasaurus, updated from the original Gallery2 project to Gallery3 and customised to look similar but with new menus. The original website was 14 years old and unfortunately, the software version on which it was built is no longer being supported by its creators, so has been updated to keep the Jigasaurus going long into the future! The technical details of the customisation to look like the original The Jigasaurus are provided here to aid future maintenance and development of the new The Jigasaurus.

How to use the site. If you are a newcomer to the site, Welcome. Clicking on any of the thumbnails on the Home Page will open up the album for that brand of puzzles. Within the new page will be either individual puzzles, or ranges and series' attributable to that brand. Clicking these new thumbnails will take you either to the details of a single puzzle, or more excitingly into a new page detailing a group of them. All these jigsaws can also be navigated to through the album tree or via the Custom Views in the sidebar:

  • The Jigasaurus album shows the top level brands and libraries in the Album Tree in alphabetical order, containing a few hundred albums - hovering over these album thumbnails will reveal a summary about that album, and clicking on the thumbnail allows you to drill down into the Album Tree.

  • Recent Albums shows a flat view of recently added Albums in the gallery with the most recent at the top, ignoring the Album Tree structure. Look in on this Recent Albums view regularly to keep up to date with the expansion of the site.

  • Modified Albums is similar to Recent Albums, but includes albums that have recently been updated with changed content.

  • Tags Albums. Albums are all labelled with one or more tags, and the Tags Albums view shows a thumbnail view of all the albums grouped by tag in alphabetical order. Clicking on a thumbnail will drill down to all of the albums with that tag. This view can be filtered by the starting letter of the tags.

  • All Tags Page gives a clickable index page of all the tags in use, with the number of albums using each tag.

  • List View Page shows a fully expanded clickable Album Tree in bullet point layout, with album thumbnails shown when hovering over the album name. Albums with the Brand tag are highlighted by colour. As there are several thousand albums in the Jigasaurus this page can take a while to fully load! Links from clicking on the album names open in a new tab from this page. To search just the album names quickly on this page use Control+F or Command+F.

  • Calendar View shows a clickable view of the number of new albums created by year, month, and day and can be filtered by the editor who created the albums.

  • Editor Guidance shows the training area for prospective editors, and provides useful background on the Brand, Range, and Series tags, and what is shown for each album and individual jigsaw puzzle. Please contact the BCD if you are interested in becoming an editor to expand the range of jigsaw puzzles shown in the Jigasaurus.

Return to the Jigasaurus top level tree view by clicking on The Jigasaurus logo, the Custom View link or the link at the top of the album tree.

The "Search the Gallery" box at the upper right can be used to search for all kinds of detail, or for searching within the current album. The search engine will search for any of the words you enter into the search box - put your search words inside double quotes to search for the words in the exact order wanted. Why not try it out?. Go on, give it a go!. Hope you like the site. It is yours to enjoy. Oh, and it's free! 

If you would like to become more involved in the study and enjoyment of jigsaw puzzles, you really should join the BCD: Join the BCD

This searchable gallery has been started with puzzles from my own collection, or those that I have had access to, but in the very much longer term I hope to include puzzles from much further afield. Some of the earliest entries may seem rather sparse on information and detail, whilst more recent additions are likely to have more content. This is largely through the availability of more information and experience as the site has developed, coupled with the phenomenal amount of material now available through sites such as Wikipedia and various other art and artist reference sites.

I do not consider myself an expert as such in any specific field of puzzle history, more as a librarian/museum curator trying to categorise and record as many of them as possible. There are several other, more specifically targeted and wonderful websites and books written and published by such experts. The intention is that over the forthcoming years, The Jigasaurus will become a more and more complete catalogue of puzzles, from all manufacturers, Nationalities and time periods, searchable by many different categories and keywords. I am delighted to see so many of you are now looking in on the website and am grateful to all of you, especially those who have contacted me with views and suggestions, or have contributed pictures and information for the site. A quick look in the Waddington's Circular and Vera Puzzle albums, will show you how well the site can progress when so much excellent material is regularly supplied. The site is intended purely for reference for all to use and your input will be very much appreciated by all who refer to it!


Jigsaw (puzzle) - noun [C] a picture stuck onto wood or cardboard and cut into irregular pieces which must be joined together correctly to form the picture again. Source. Cambridge Dictionary

Thesaurus - noun [C] a type of dictionary in which words with similar meanings are grouped together. Source. Cambridge Dictionary

Jigasaurus - noun [C] 1) A record of jigsaw puzzles, in which puzzles fulfilling certain criteria, are grouped together, to create a never ending record, for research and enjoyment. or, 2) A type of person, sometimes referred to as a dinosaur, who loves the challenge of restoring order to the chaos of a disassembled puzzle. Source. Inside the head of an example of the latter, who has a passionate interest in the former.

Thank you for your interest. Jigsaw puzzles have been enjoyed by almost everyone at some time in their past. Here is an attempt to preserve their memory.

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